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It costs one nothing by being polite to other people.

Larry Boyer

Mark, it seems to me your article is even more poignant in light of the attack today in Portland on three heroes (two of whom died) by a crazed white supremacist who was threatening two women one of whom was wearing a hijab. I think that the rhetoric by Trump on the campaign trail and actions by certain other members of the Republican Party have emboldened people like this attacker. Caused me to do a replay tonight of the movie "Schindler' List". The world is getting to be a little more scary.

Mark Lawson


Thanks for your comments. Incivility is absolutely bipartisan. I’m sick of the vile rhetoric and the utterly predictable and endless partisan commentary on both sides. This has been ongoing through the last four presidential administrations and, I agree, has only gotten worse. And when the rhetoric actually encourages violence, it’s wrong no matter who says it or for what reason. When actual violence occurs, it must be condemned (as when those anarchists protesting the inauguration broke storefront windows in Washington). When it comes from a public official, that’s even more alarming. I was glad to see Gianforte’s apology. It seemed genuine, and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. It is troubling to me, however, that he didn’t need to apologize in order to win the race. (Maybe that’s because 2/3 of the people had already voted.) Apparently, many Montana voters did condone has behavior, saying the reporter “got what he deserved.” I just can’t condone violence under any circumstances.


C Gersten

What is to be said then for the protests on the left for their behavior, after all it seems that one can only take so much. While I do not condone this behavior, (which by the way he has apoligized for).
I know for certain that most of the behavior after this election is one I've never witnessed in my 50 some years on this earth! I've never seen this country go after a President like this before, I am ashamed of the Democratic behavior in all of this, yet to also add, Hilary was worried how; now President Trump was going to take the loss, how now would she say the Democratic or the Left is taking the loss? Instead of pulling together for the better of the American people, it seems their desire is to bash this President at every level. I do not agree with most of the behavior and the lack of respect shown to this President or his family! Especially when it comes to the 10 yr old son. What has happened, so power hungry, what are they afraid of losing? I don't understand why it's fine when one side does something, and yet something totally different when the other side does the same? Seems messed up to me!

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