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Michael Salamone

It is encouraging to see such a group of Christian leaders agree on something other than being anti-Abortion. Hopefully it results in Trump not being able to so easily get this budget passed largely unchanged.

Mark Lawson

I take your point, which is a fair indictment of many evangelical leaders whose hypocrisy was on public display during the election campaign. However, this list of people (found at http://www.christianitytoday.com/gleanings/2017/march/evangelical-leaders-trump-america-first-budget-foreign-aid.html) is too diverse to be painted with a single brush stroke. Despite the Christianity Today headline, it includes several Catholics and Protestant seminary presidents that I doubt were ever supportive of Trump. (That is certainly the case with Craig Barnes.) Many of the evangelicals are more socially-conscious leaders who have been raising concerns for a long time about the close identification of conservative Christianity and the Republican party. The list also includes some folks who you rightly criticize. What intrigues me about the whole list is how diverse it is. It is sad is that the Tony Perkins/Jerry Falwell, Jr. crowd has given all these people a bad name. In fact, they have given all of American Christianity a black eye. Even sadder is how they gave cover to millions of evangelical laypeople who sold out their faith at the ballot box. - JML

Larry Boyer

Well written defense of how responsible elected officials go about the budget process. However I do not share your optimism regarding the 100 evangelicals who sent this letter to the POTUS. These are the same rascals who have done nothing but carry water for this lunatic, lying character. These "religious" leaders of a good portion of Christianity have done nothing but embarrass the Christian faith and debase the teachings of Christ with their "ends justifies the means" approach.

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