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Dave Rosenfeld

The Orlando tragedy reminds me of the time I lived down in South Carolina where racism still prevails. The thought of hating a person based on skin color is foreign to me but the reasoning behind it is far worse. When I asked my employees what have these people done to you, the response was "Nothing, we were just brought up this way". Hate in my opinion is stubbornness to change. Our lives are based on choices we have to make on a daily basis in order to survive. Without these "life choices", change cannot occur where growth can occur. My cousin is the owner of the bar "Rain" down in the city off of Geddes Street. I still respect him today as I did while growing up as kids. To hate based on someone else's choice of lifestyle where it does not affect me boggles the mind. I do believe that all tragedies lead to something good. Let God have the final word.

Margaret Luttinger

Heard this too, Mark, and it rattled me with how passionate and raw it was.

We wondered how Hitler could come to power but the wondering is over as, trading on the SAME things to foment strife and fear, we have another being born right here right now. Discernment...wisdom.. we could do with that.

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