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Dave Rosenfeld

Also, as a side note, I think God is allowing all this to happen as we, as a country, have turned our backs on God where greed and wanting more has taken over and being content with what we have and our needs that are being met is not enough anymore.

In reality we as a country are responsible for ISIS and the Taliban and the spread of it when we opened Pandora's box when we took out Saddam Hussein and left Iraq as free game to the next religious militant on the rise. From there, logically what can be said is all terrorism inside and outside out country is our fault where all the bloodshed is on our hands as a country. I believe many people turn their heads when it comes to this but I think we need to wake up and "smell the coffee".

Dave Rosenfeld

Another interesting blog, and because it's politics, and my brother and I having to give jabs at one another at the other's expense. I will weigh in on my thoughts.

Looking at all the violence that is brewing in Trump's rally's across the country, it appears we are entering a modern day "civil war" in our nation where the stakes are much higher in which, when looking at the big picture, could be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

Having a discussion with my brother on this, which is always colorful to say the least, he asked which "shlep" I was going to choose. His thoughts are Hillary should be in jail for her ear marked e-mails where you can't trust her and Bernie is looking at giving our entire paycheck to the poor where he pretty much has categorized the poor putting them all in one pot as a bunch of sheisters that are using the system where the middle class is picking up the tab for them.

My counter to this was what is the lesser of 2 evils - to vote for someone that has good intentions where the poor should not be neglected or vote for someone that flies off the seat of his pants and will cater to anyone that feeds his ego which in the end will probably cause the end of the world as we know it.

My belief system is that God created life and in no way should I end it, whether it be my life or someone else's. That's why suicide for me is out as well as voting for someone that will in the end cause loss of life,or in fact, the end of the world as we know it.

My brother's rebuttal: "Well, the world has to end at some point" in a joking half laugh sort of way.

The one Republican that I would love to see come through all of this is John Kasich where he seems to have the experience to pull the Republican Party back in and would love to hear more of his agenda. The problem he is facing is getting enough electorate votes to be the nominee I said before I do not believe in titles and that we need to work together and see the big picture when it comes to everything that we do.

My brother will be up June 8th and wants to go to the American Diner on Old Liverpool Rd. The diner is a "Republican" establishment where politics is free game to talk about. If you want to join us, the invitation is open.

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