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jason A boyce

thanks so much for the thoughts posted here. Your perspective on the mode of Christian spirituality, presented in your 8/26/15 blog, is very consistent with my own. As I grow older I find myself contemplating the spirituality of religion and of Christianity in particular. Faith and spirituality, for me, is intensely personal. However the fellowship of church is wonderful, largely due to the variety of individuals who come together. But more enlightening is the connection I have made with a, now far away, friend who is Muslim…or the friend who is born Jewish but claims to be lapsed. In both circumstances we have found in one another a shared spirituality that was unexpected and yet very fulfilling. We each had our own spin on belief, but the sense of being connected to entities other than ourselves was equally shared and reciprocated.
The challenge is internal…to search out the unknown, and make it known; as opposed to gravitating to safe associations assumed to be consistent with our own. The challenge is to reach people on a deep enough level to understand what it is that is mutually shared. Being open and indulging in diversity, ironically may just draw individuals together, often though spirituality.
Thanks again.

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