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Dave Rosenfeld

You always pick a topic that bring me back to a state where I just need to breathe and everything will be ok. For me, I agree that priorities need to be more important than goals. This past week I found myself in a work situation where I am trying to fix my boss' mess with double standards being practiced where he is pretty much a "lame-duck" pencil pushing yes man having our group take more stuff on where we are jumping through hoops and not being productive. I find myself constantly asking questions relating to "Why are you making my job harder than it should be?" and pushing back on policies and procedures making myself look like a rebel without a cause. Am I trying to get my boss to get to the point where saying no is ok and to make other frameworks accountable and take ownership for their own possessions where we have no control of it?-Yes. Is my goal to get out of this job so that I get laid off with a 14 year severance package?-Yes. All of this I can see now is drama where "I" am so obsessed that "I" am going see that these changes will take place where I start drifting away on what really matters in my life - my marriage, my mom, my relatives, my dogs (LOL!!), and of course, my church family. These are the priorities I need to tak a sense of ownership of where this comes first and "I" come second. Thanks for letting me vent and reeling me in.

Deb Record

Yes, God's grace is alive and well and it was expressed admirably during our time of celebration on Sunday. Kudos to you and your humble presence as you have provided extraordinary leadership in shared ministry these past 20 years. We are so blessed to have experienced God's will through your discerning grace and guidance. You still have much to teach us and we still have much to learn, so I hope you be with us for a long time to come.

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