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Dave Rosenfeld

I can relate to this blog as I was a manager in South Carolina of a retail tire store. I had tire changers that were black and were call the "n" word by my white tire changers and white mechanics. Being from the North, a "yankee", I had friends that were black that are still friends with me to this day. One day, when it was very slow, the racism got so bad I asked a question to my white employees: What have these people done to you to deserve this? The answer that they came up with: Nothing, it was how we were brought up. I told them that I cannot tell them what to say or do when they are not working, but out of respect for myself, refrain from this type of talk when you are at the store. I believe alot of what happens in this world is behavioral and how people have been brought up. Behavioral problems do not make these actions right, but working together to change these actions, from both sides - black and white, in my opinion, is a good start in regards to the healing process.

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