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Elaine Southard

So human a reaction! I love the line about "patience grows in the soil of a rested soul." Thanks for the insight and I am glad you are taking some time off to replenish your spirit.

Deb Record

Like you, not very patient when I am exhausted. The interesting part of that,for me,is that people think you have no reason to be exhausted when you are no longer part of the actively employed community. Last week was grueling for me, as well, even though my exhaustion was a result of all the care giving and volunteering I do and the emotional impact as a result of some of it. We sometimes need to say "no," but are often in a position that does not make that possible. I am glad you are taking time this week to wind down after your schedule these past few weeks. Time for spiritual and emotional renewal are absolutely essential. It is very difficult to be patient when we are overtired and on the edge of burnout. Thanks for proclaiming the need for quiet time and spiritual reflection so that we may be renewed in all aspects of our lives.

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