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Jackie Danicki Jun. 21, 2011 at 6:25 pm More than a decade ago, I wrote for Television Without Pity (prior to atqoisiciun by NBC Universal). This also entailed moderating the forums for my show. The rules were pretty clear, and consistently upheld the primary one being no discussion of the boards on the boards . Talking about the show or other pop culture was fine, but the site owners did not want it to turn into an uncivil flame war, and did so by prohibiting talk about the boards or other posters. It worked.u00a0nnnA friend who runs an often controversial political blog has a saying that You get the commenters you deserve. What he means is that civility can be encouraged and rudeness discouraged by making it clear what won't be tolerated, being swift and consistent in backing that up with action, and reinforcing civil behavior.

Deb Record

Ah yes, isn't it a shame that we just can't love one another and work together for the highest good of all concerned? What would happen if Jesus were a member of Congress? Would our representatives behave the same way?

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