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Mark Lawson

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to call Donald Trump a “false prophet.” In Mark 13, Jesus defines false prophets as those who exploit people’s fears in times of trouble and say (I’m paraphrasing, of course), “the world is coming apart, but follow me and you’ll be fine.” He said they would be wrong on two counts: 1) the world isn’t actually coming apart, and 2) they are not the saviors they claim to be. As to the biblical reference about the false prophet’s message tasting as sweet as honey but causing major indigestion later, what worries me most about the Trump phenomenon is how many people actually enjoy his rhetoric, which is nearly entirely a stream-of-consciousness rant of insults and innuendos. There’s nothing “sweet” about this to me. It’s sickening from the moment it comes out of his mouth. He is all oversized personality and zero substance, yet millions are fawning over him. God help us.

Dave Rosenfeld

After this past week in regards to the "implosion" of the Republican Party, I'm having a conversation with my brother in regards to a "conspiracy theory" on how the Book of Revelation is coming to life as far as warning shots being sent by Romney and McConnell to the people of our country on the recklessness of Trump where Trump is actually playing the part of the "false prophet" where what we eat may taste like honey in our mouths but when digested turns sour. I thought it was an interesting correlation. I'm not making any judgements in regards to this as this whole political process is beyond anyone's control except for our individual choice of the candidates and want to clarify the false prophet correlation is totally me just to see if I could get a rise out of my brother - (I did!!). Thoughts?

Dave Rosenfeld

This blog has an "ice cream parlor" feel to it in that we are wondering what's the flavor of the day? It seems to change whenever it is appropriate to do so. I agree that there is no consistency when it comes to a person's ideals in this arena. It's a people pleasing forum where a candidate's identity get's lost. I have a friend of mine that wanted to be a Syracuse councilman and he told me one thing that still holds true today: a person can get into politics for all the right reasons to serve in the city, county, or state assemblies and represent the concerns of the people. but with lobbyists, kickbacks and the like, corruption sets in because of human weakness to temptation. I think we're missing the mark when looking at the current candidates. The real problem lies with Congress not being able to work together where in my opinion, Congress should be gutted with new and fresh faces. To sit back and say "Well the people we have there have been there a long time so they must be doing something right" mathematically = nothing. Our country has become lazy and we need to be accountable for that and change course as we are imploding by the day. We also need to be accountable for our part in creating the middle east nightmare that is invading our borders today.

Ginny welcher

Seems as though the idea of being a Christian becomes something quantifiable with politicians. Who is the better Christian. This Pope doesn't back down from confronting Trump. Great blog.

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